Frequently Asked Questions 

How should I care for my spreads?


We think you'll love our spreads as much as we do!  They were made with lots of love for your enjoyment.  Here are some tips for enjoying them at their best:

-Keep your spreads refrigerated.  We use all natural products- like artisan cheeses and local herbs, and never any preservatives!

-You can freeze the spreads for up to one year.  Just place in the refrigerator to thaw about 12 hrs before using.

-Let your spreads come to room temperature for 15 minutes prior to enjoying.

-Some separation is natural.  Just give them a stir!

-Use by the date on your jar.

-Have fun.  Be inspired.  Create something delicious.  Let us know what you love!




How should I care for my honey?


-Your honey should be stored at room temperature and never in the fridge.  

-If your honey crystallizes, this is a natural process, and your honey is not bad!  The best way to reliquify your honey is to place the container in a gentle, warm water bath until liquid.